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Here you will find a list of important dates for your calendar. Throughout the year I may be unavailable, have reduced working capacity or be working from a different time zone (usual working hours are 9:30am – 5:00pm GMT/BST).

For full details please refer to the notes shown on this page. If there are dates without notes then just be aware that there may be reduced working capacity for these dates.

If your project is time sensitive and requires work during these dates then please get in touch.

Website Care Plans

During this time all website care plans will work as normal with the exception of the ‘Updates & Support via Email’ service. During these times this service may be delayed. Should you require urgent updates I will try to accommodate them but it may not always be possible.

All care plan websites are continually monitored for downtime and if your website appears offline for an unusual period then this will be investigated as a priority. Please note that some website downtime is normal (updates may cause your website to go offline while they are completed) and I will be notified whenever your website goes offline. Rest assured that if the downtime appears to be unusual then I’ll be working to get your website back online as swiftly as possible.

27th October – 4th November


22nd December – 6th January 2019


18th February – 22nd February


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