About Us

Friendly, reliable, charming... but enough about you. Here's a little bit about us.

Hi, I’m Brett

I’m a Divi website specialist based in the UK. I work with clients from all over the world to create a meaningful online presence for their idea, project or business – people just like you.

Burton: born & brewed

Worth it Media was founded in Burton-On-Trent, England. Famed for its rich beer brewing history, Burton was at one point in time responsible for producing one-quarter of all beer sold in Britain.

We were inspired by the hard work and craftsmanship of the beer makers, so we set out to create websites that were affordable, high-quality and refreshingly simple – much like the beers brewed in our hometown.

We’re not for everyone

Burton-On-Trent is also the hometown of Marmite; a sticky, salty, edible brown goo that people like to spread over toast. The Marmite marketing team know that it is an acquired taste and their branding couldn’t be more honest: ‘You Either Love It Or Hate It’.

While we don’t think our work is quite as offensive to anyones tastes, we understand that our processes and website designs aren’t for everyone.

Divi + WordPress

We exclusively build WordPress websites with Divi and have been doing so every day since 2013. Dubbed ‘The Most Popular WordPress Theme In The World’ we fell in love with Divi from the start and know it inside-out.

We don’t build websites with Squarespace, Wix or Shopify – but if you already have a website on one of these services we can help you rebuild it using Divi & WordPress.

Our design style is modern, minimal and some might say ‘flat‘. We love clean lines, icons and easy-to-read text. We don’t chase trends and we’re not very good at creating layouts like these.

Our Principles


We choose our clients and partners carefully so that we can create strong, long-term relationships. We’re not in it for a quick payday and we love providing ongoing support through our website care plans.


Our approach to website design means that we don’t believe in hidden costs, shady sales tactics or unrealistic expectations. In fact, we will try to talk you out of spending more money if we know of a cheaper solution.


Do you know the differences between FTP, SSL and CDN? We don’t think you should need to. We’ll cut through the jargon, handle the abbreviations and talk to you like a human, not a robot.


Running a business is serious business, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun too. We know that some aspects of building a website can be challenging so we do our best to keep things lighthearted.


From sharing Divi tips and resources on our blog to offering pro-bono and discounted services to not-for-profit organisations, we try to give back whenever we have the opportunity.

The result is the work of talented wizards who do magic with their creativity. They truly exceeded my expectations and I will be forever grateful for their work.

Annie, Health Coach

We have gone through the web site you have done for us and you really have done an amazing job. As always Brett you blow us away…..you are amazing, we love it. The videos on the home page, layout, everything!

Emma, Education Director

The absolute highest caliber of work, communication, and far and above anyone I’ve worked with in exceeding expectations… I now not only have a highly functional and beautiful site but a clear understanding on how to utilise it going forward as well. Thank you so much!

Amanda, Photographer

Let's make something great together.