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Add a reliable, passionate and committed website designer to your team.
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Looking to add a Divi web designer to your team?

We all want to help more clients through our business, but what happens when you can’t keep up with the increased workload? Perhaps you are looking for ways to add more value for your clients by offering web design? Whatever your reasons for hiring an independent website designer, I can help.


A Divi theme expert, I’ve been using Divi since 2014 to design and develop client websites. Divi has come a long way since then and I stay sharp by continuing to use it every day.


Adding a designer to your team can be a great, but one that can help with the technical stuff is even better. I can take care of hosting to installation, so you don’t have to.

And More

More than just a Divi designer, I can help out with a variety of tasks to free up your time. From website support, on-page SEO, image editing, consulting or researching – I can take care of it for you.

Here To Help You Grow

Need someone to help turn your PSD’s to great, functional and beautiful Divi sites? Looking to add someone to your team who can provide website support to your clients? Whatever challenges your agency faces we can work together to find a working solution.

You Delight, I’ll Deliver.

Once we are set up all you have to do is continue delighting your clients, meanwhile, I will get to work on your projects. Once a milestone is reached I’ll deliver the work based on your requirements.

Continued Collaboration.

Trust and commitment are of great importance to our relationship. Once we start collaborating we will spend time adjusting to each other’s work style to develop a strong working relationship.


Website Design
  • Divi Theme
  • WordPress
  • Woo Commerce
  • Revolution Slider
  • MemberPress
  • Custom CSS
Content Development
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Affinity Designer
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Screenflow
Project Management
  • Slack
  • Asana
  • LastPass
  • Toggl


How do we communicate?

All project correspondence is done via email or Slack because it yields the fastest response (and creates an easy way to track communication history) Phone and video calls are also fine, but these will be billed as part of your hourly allowance.

Are there any contracts?

It’s up to you and it is perfectly fine if you’d like me to sign a contract, or not. Formal contracts don’t make successful relationships, people do. Rest assured that you’ll be in good hands with or without a contract. That said, obviously by agreeing to use this service you are contractually obliged to make payment and keep up your end of the deal (pretty standard stuff).

Can I set limits for hourly work?
For sure, no one likes to be surprised by their invoice and this is why the retainer packages are a great option. If you prefer to be billed hourly you can request only a set number of hours each month and once those hours are reached work will stop to ensure you don’t pay more than expected.
What happens when I reach my hourly limit?
For the ‘small business’ and ‘growing business’ packages you will have an allotted number of hours each month. When these hours are used up the work stops and you will be notified.
Will I have a dedicated account manager?

Yes, kind of. 99% of your work will be done by one person: me! On the rare occasion that you ask for something out of my skillset I may employ some extra help, but everything on my end will be managed by me. You won’t require a dedicated account manager because I will be the only person you will be dealing with. 

When will my work be carried out?

Hourly based work will be completed as and when it comes in whilst also being fitted around my schedule. If you have work that is time-sensitive then I will do my best to accommodate this, however, I can’t always make guarantees (but you’ll never be left in the dark).

Agencies on the ‘small business’ package can request up to 3 set days a month which will be used exclusively for your projects. If you choose not to request set days then your hours will be managed in accordance with your project workload. For example; 10 hours may be spread across one week as we work on a project.

Agencies on the ‘growing business’ package can request up to 1 week each month to be used exclusively for your projects. Again, if no week is requested then your hours will be managed according to your workload.

What are the payment terms?

Hourly work is billed at the end of each calendar month, payment is expected upon receipt and there is a 20% late fee for payment later than 30 days.

Retainer work (‘small business’ and ‘growing business’ packages) require payment upfront at the beginning of each month. If no payment is received but work is requested then it will be completed based on the standard hourly rate.

Invoices are sent via Paypal directly to your email address.

How much do additional hours cost?

Each billing option has its own hourly rate. On the hourly package the rate remains the same at £30 per hour. Agencies on the small business package pay £25 for every extra hour on top of their package whilst agencies on the growing business package pay £22.22 per hour.

Kind Words

Dear community, I can’t contain my excitement to share with you the extraordinary work done by CKFIO together with her team Caroline and Brett in creating the brand for my business and my new site. They are outstanding at getting clear with your business vision, mission, and style. The result is the work of talented wizards who do magic with their creativity. They truly exceeded my expectations and I will be forever grateful for their work. Bravo to this amazing group!

Annie Rosenthal
Eating Coach

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